Thursday, 9 June 2011

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Sadly I'm finding I have less free time with work and such so I wont be posting every tuesday and thursday anymore but when i find free time I will post reviews up, and the dates you'll see next to the Films in the Whats up next page will be the dates they were posted rather than they will be posted.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Hangover Part II (2011) Review By Michael Heath

Director: Todd Phillips
Writer: Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong
Stars: Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper
Genre: Comedy

From the makers of The Hangover comes The Hangover Part II believe it or not, after the hell of a night in Vegas we find our self at the beginning of another wedding, Stu's wedding in Thailand. A quiet drink on beach couldn't do any harm, could it?

The Hangover Part II follows the same story line which we see in the previous one, not wanting to ruin the first film for anyone who hasn't seen it I wont expand on that point however, don't feel like you have to see the first one to enjoy this one. The film has been well written the comical aspect is not linked to the previous film although there are the minor one liners that are. To sum up, the film has been designed so that you can enjoy it even if you've not seen the first film. The humor just gets better and better through out, with Alan even funnier second time around. The wolfpack is truly back in this sequel. Now I know there's not a lot I can tell you without ruining the film but lets shed some light on the trailer for the film, I myself wont go looking for trailers for films since most trailers will just show you the best bits this is not the case in this film so don't judge a film by it's trailer the best is yet to come. I was in stitches through out the film but the only negative I think I should point out that there was a lot of unnecessary foul language for a film rated 15, there was to much for my liking.

Without talking in code as it were, I've been wanting to refer to the previous film a lot and to put it bluntly it's the same story with minor differences and changes. The best thing about that story however was the pure unknown, "What was going to happen?" "Where had they been?" "Where were they going to end up next.?" and to top it off "Were they going to find there lost friend?". Now I don't think it matters if you see the first one first or this one first simply because you will get that sense of mystery to it both with laugh out loud comedy. With all that said however if you don't want to miss out on any laughs in Part II I recommend you watch the first before hand.

Ed Helms plays the role of Stu, he's done quite well to expand this character, in The Hangover he worried a lot and i think it would be safe to say this time around he's allowed to completely freak out and lose it, Ed has done well to not over do this character. Bradley Cooper's character was lacking a little in his role as Phil I think it's quite a hard thing to judge the actor on their performance in this type of film with no strong narrative to the story. Zach Galifianakis performance was defiantly the best by far he plays the role of Alan easily my favourite character, and is hysterically funny through out the film it's worth it just to see him. To sum it up great film insanely funny, and to put it in perspective book a ticket or go really early to buy one cos the film has been out for a week and my local cinema was sold out.

Rating 8/10