Monday, 9 May 2011

What The Reader Wants

Welcome to What The Reader Wants here you can comment and suggest films for me to review. So maybe you would like me to review a film you're thinking about watching or just what to hear my opinion about your favourite film. Any film you want go for it. There's not much else I can say on the matter in hand all you need to do now is comment and ask.

Now these film reviews will be posted on a page called You Asked For It which you can find in the side bar. These reviews will be posted every other Friday.

About us

The Film Critical is a website created to review films

If you go to the Latest Reviews page you'll find this months film reviews which are released every Wednesday.

Upcoming reviews, well you'll be able to find that in the What's Up Next page. The What's Up Next page give you which film reviews will be released each week.

So you've been in and around my site a few times and you like my un-bias approach to reviewing films, Maybe you'd like me to review a film which you're thinking about watching but aren't quite sure yet well just click on the What The Readers Want page and ask simply comment saying the film you'd like me to review. The review will then go on my You Asked For It page giving you reviews which the readers asked for you also get a special mention at the end of the review.