Thursday, 1 September 2011

Updates - The Archive Index Page

Next to the Popular Posts This Week you'll find The Film Critical Archive from our feed back it's quite hard to navigate. So we're creating The Archive Index Page which has all the films and dates which the review was released on the website. Giving you the films you're looking for in Alphabetical order. This may seem pointless now but once we hit over 100 films it'll be a lot easier for you to find the films you want.

Updates - The Re-Launch!!!

My last review was the 2nd June. Since the Start of my website back in May I've had nearly 600 hits, 500 of them in only the first 2 months. Now with a lot of help from you guys at home reading my reviews and a little help from Google, Google has given me £50 worth of advertising free of charge. So on Wednesday 14th September The Film Critical will relaunch. Doing a film review once a week. Every Wednesday! Starting with Apollo 18 which will launch in cinemas on the 2nd September.

What's Up Next - September 2011

This Months film reviews which you can find in the New Release Film Reviews. On the last day of this month all these reviews will only be found by clicking the link Film Reviews.

14/09/2011 - Apollo 18 (2011)
21/09/2011 - Departed, The (2006)
28/09/2011 - ?

Every Wednesday a review is posted you'll find out the next review so to find out get reading I might just convince you to watch a film you didn't think you had any interest in.